Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning

Each year AASL(American Association of School Librarians) forms a committee to research the top websites for teaching and learning. The purpose of this page is to give you time to explore them, to see what might work for you.
There are 6 Main Categories:
Media Sharing
Digital Storytelling
Management and Organization
Social Networking & Communication
Content Resources
Curriculum Collaboration

Here is the link to the webpage where it all happens! Use your time to explore some resources that might be helpful for you.
Media Sharing:
Gamestar-watch the video, then click on the link fort teachers. A website teaching kids the fundamentals of game design. They can learn about design, create and share with other designers.

Digital Storytelling
Comicmaster-a free, easy to use tool for creating short graphic novels.
Allows students to create page layout, background, characters and add text. They can even print their stories!