Welcome to Google Forms Forms Agenda

January 12, 2010-Derby Lab 211


Register for a Google Account-be sure to keep your username and password!

Google Forms is hiding in google docs.

Benefits to using Google Forms:
  • You can link/embed it
  • Item analysis-different views
  • Collaboration-sharing
  • Publishing
  • Similar to Word


  • Google docs-create new-form
  • Check out the styles and formats
  • Try one type of each question
    • text
    • paragraph text
    • check boxes
    • multiple choice
    • choose from a list
    • scale
    • grid
    • also you can add and item
  • How are they different?
  • Notice the link at the bottom. You can create a link to your webpage or embed it in a wiki or blog.

My form is done, now what?
Responses will appear in a spreadsheet-Look at the variety of options available to you!
Open the spreadsheet-go to form in the tool bar, click on down arrow
  • Edit form
  • Embed in a webpage-paste the code into your web
  • Send form
  • Show summary of responses