Derby Orientation-2013

85 reasons to be thankful for librarians!

What are you reading now, Mrs. Lay??

I just finished Splendors and Glooms. It is a dark tale about a girl who is so entranced with puppet, she turns into one. We have it in our library.

March 2013

I real another adult book, Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. I really liked it. It had a lot of twists and turns in it.

February 2013

I am listening to the Language of Flowers on my phone. I love gardening, so all of the references to the Victorian flowers is right up my alley. I just started, but I like it already.

Reading The wild queen : the days and nights of Mary, Queen of Scots on my iPad, checked out from Derby. If you haven't looked at the ebooks, try them out!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything in this time period about Mary and Elizabeth. So far, so good. Mary is Queen of Scotland at an early age, but is living in France, with the family of her betrothed. Will not let you know how it ends:)

I just finished Four Secrets by Margaret Willey. It was an interesting combination of story and drawing. The stories of the characters are woven together and the secrets are not revealed until the end. The more I read, the more I wanted to know what happened. Katie, Nathaniel(not Nate) and Renata are put into a juvenile detention center for kidnapping and holding another high school student hostage. Why? But how do their lives intersect? A great read!

Curveball: How I lost my Grip by Jordan Sonnenblick

Peter has been a baseball star since t-ball. He didn't tell anyone about the ache in his elbow and one day on the pitching mound, he hears a crack and falls flat on his face in the dirt. He has always been known as an athlete. Now Peter is starting high school and he has to create a new identity for himself.

I LOVED this book! Enjoy!

MAY 2012

Wonder by R. J. Palacio.

Ten-year-old Auggie Pullman was born with extreme facial abnormalities and was not expected to survive. He goes from being home-schooled, to entering fifth grade at a private middle school in Manhattan, which entails enduring the taunts and jabs from other students who show a fear of dealing with someone who looks different on the outside. I am not finished, but right now it is breaking my heart!

April 2012

I just finished Shooting Kabul by N. H. Senzai. It was really heartwrenching.

Fadi and his family are fleeing from Kabul in 2001. In their rush to get on the truck, Fadi's little sister drops her doll and gets lost in the crowd. In a heartaching moment, the family has to make a split second decision--the entire family making it to America, or, live in a country they no longer recognize. The family does make it to California, with the rest of their family. Each member thinks it is his/her fault that Miriam was left behind. Will the family ever be reunited?

October 2010

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams Garcia
Summer 1968-Delphine and her two sisters fly from their home in Brooklyn to spend the summer with their mother in Oakland, CA. Delphine knows they are in for trouble when they don't see their mother, Cecile waiting at the airport. These three girls are in for a culture clash as they work through their relationship with their Cecile, who doesn't cook for them and sends them out the door every day to get to a community center on their own in a strange city. Imagine their curiosity when they discover she is a poet, has a printing press in her kitchen and is a Black Panther.

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine.
Caitlin just "doesn't get it," but continues to work with her school counselor on trying "to get it." Caitlin's older brother "got" her, but then he was shot in a school tragedy. She and her dad are trying to deal with their loss and survive. It is really hard for Caitlin because she has Aspergers. And to make matters worse, the other kids make fun of her and she is only trying to help them. But, the kids don't see it as help. They just see Caitlin as difficult. How can she break through all of these feelings and connect with her peers and her dad?May 2010
Currently reading Gone by Michael Grant. This thriller opens in a middle school classroom in California, when suddenly the teacher disappears! I know what you are thinking--could this happen at Derby? I hope not! Anyway, anyone over the age of 14 evaporates. No adults! Sound good to you? Not exactly. Now hunger looms in the future, and bullies are threatening to take over! This book has been a fun, fast read so far! Check it out! Where? At the Derby Media Center, where else?
April 2010:
Am reading The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams-very disturbing. Kyra lives in a compound in the desert with other members of a cult. She is 14 and has just been notified that she has been chosen to become a wife to her much older uncle, whom she despises! I will finish this book, but it makes me very uncomfortable. I am not sure of this book's fate! I really enjoyed Carol Williams' writing style.
Finished Cosmic by Frank Boyce
Liam, 12, is just beginning at a new school where he is mistaken for a teacher because he is so tall. One day he cons his way aboard a spaceship bound for outerspace. Maybe this conartist will learn his lesson?

March 2010
Reading Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. It is an amazing combination of history and science fiction. It is on the Best Books for Young Adults list!
What are you reading?

December 2009:
Have you read Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins? It is amazing, possibly even better than Hunger Games, which I LOVED! Waiting for the third installment in August!

October 2009:
I just finished Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix-Awesome. Soon I will be making a booktrailer so you can watch it on a video. Now I am reading Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins-very interesting concept. I watched this video with Suzanne Collins and she got the idea while watching a reality television show. Here is the video with Suzanne Collins and my friend Cyndi and some of her students(I also had a couple of them in elementary school).
Borders interview with
**Suzanne Collins**